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    Free Dating Site

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    Connect your existing OkCupid account

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    How it Works?

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    How to Waste Time and Lose Money While Searching for a Foreign Bride The best advice that we can give you is to simply contact us if you feel there is something not right in the relationship.

    You have nothing to lose; you will either save money and avoid becoming a victim, or achieve peace of mind; either way you win!

    It is a free, confidential service we offer to anyone regardless as to where you met the woman. So do not send that money just yet, call us first! You can contact us atjust ask to speak with a scam counselor. All we can do is offer advice; you will have to make the final choice and take responsibility for your choice, however we are happy to share our experience with you.

    Click here for more examples of correspondence our clients have sent us Below is just an example of a recent call we took from a gentleman that was concerned that there was something just not right about the woman he had been writing.

    If you have any examples of scams that you were involved with please e-mail them to john loveme. Hi, I was referred to your site from another site that works with scams, they said you guys were very good and could help. While looking through your site I saw your section on scams and I thought I would take you up on your offer of advice as it relates to possible scams.

    How can we help you? I have been corresponding with a woman from Lugansk for sometime now, I met her from company other than yours, and she now wants to come here to visit me. I did not think that it would be easy for her to get a visa, especially from Lugansk, which seems to be the scam capital, but she assured me that she could do it.

    Unblock All Sites without Any Software

    How did she say she could do it? They would send her on a packaged religious tour, which is how they could obtain the US visa. That price would get her right to my city. That is a classic scam. If you send the money, you will never see the money or the woman again.

    The woman may not even exist, there is a good chance that you may be speaking with just one of many people working out of a boiler room operation.

    Yes, I had a feeling it was not right. I offered to go there to see her and she did not want me to come, kept saying it was a bad idea, and that she should come to see me. That makes sense, she wouldn't want you to come there to see her, especially if she did not really exist. You are much better off going over to meet the women and even then you are much better off going with a group tour, if not ours than take another reputable company, but whatever you do - do not send the money!

    Ok thank you very much, I think a group tour may be the way to go as well. The following is a true story, one that should be read carefully by anyone considering corresponding with anyone over the Internet, foreign or domestic.

    This gentlemen did not meet this person via our service, although no matter what service you use we advise you never to send money and to always consult one of our scam counselors if you are asked for money. The vast majority of women are sincere and honest. John, I'm writing to tell you my recent encounter of being scammed by a Russian women, pretending to be in Love with over the internet.

    She first contacted me, through the Filipino Friend Finder web site. She located my pictures and my profile on dating sites with no fees computer site, and she contacted me. She wrote letters with broken English, or with Russian terms for our language. It was all innocent at first, then the letters began describing how she thought it should be destiny, for her to find me this way. And then when she wrote the first letter, she did not think she would get a reply, but behold she got the reply from me.

    After that each letter showed more enthusiasm and excitement, and talk of her feelings becoming feelings of love, for such a concerned kind man like me. She told me she only made enough money to maintain her own apartment, but could not afford telephone or home computer. She emailed me everyday from her place of work. As the letters progressed for 3 months, she asked if there would ever be a chance for us to meet in person?

    Could I come there to meet her? Since I'm disabled and in a wheelchair, I could not take traveling 23 to 28 hours, changing planes two or three times to get there, plus I have no idea of their handicapped accessible hotels or motels there.

    I explained it all to her, and she told me she had a one month vacation coming up soon in September. She asked if it would be alright if she applied for a Tourist Visa, and if I would like her to come here to meet, if her Visa and passport were approved.

    I was excited and said Yes, right away. She claimed to leave her town of Cheboksary on dating sites with no fees computer Friday evening and travel to Moscow. She told me she spoke with a travel agency, with who she must sign a contract and they would help her with the complete process, but all must be handled through them.

    After her interview at the embassy, Medical checkup, and criminal background check, all was approved. I told her I could buy it here on the internet cheaper and Federal Express the ticket to her, but she said it was a condition of the contract, that she purchase the ticket from the agency, or else a term of the contracted is violated, and they would report this violation to the Embassy, who then would not give her the Visa or Passport.

    I sent the money by Western Union. After she got the money, she claimed to go to the travel agency and buy the ticket. She then wrote to me to tell me the ticket they sold her was only for one way, to get here. They apologized for the mistake but now they would return that ticket and give her better price by selling her two one way tickets at the same time with open dates of travel.

    If she could not prove she had a return ticket to come home her Visa would not be issued. It all sounded skeptical to me at first, but I don't know there customs or laws there, so I chose to trust and believe her.

    After all she loved me, and could not wait to arrive here for our meeting. When she took her tickets and luggage to the airport, to come here, she said the Customs Department asked her to show them proof of her solvency, that she could in fact afford to travel to the US and have money to spend as a tourist, or be able to afford a hotel if necessary.

    She said she did not know this was a requirement, and she tried to explain to them her reason for coming here, and that she would not need money like that since she would be staying here at my home. Since her Visa was good for 90 days she wanted to spend the whole time here, and took leave from work along with her vacation to stay the whole 90 days. But customs said she must prove she would not be arriving here like a vagabond, asking people for money, or becoming a prostitute to pay her way.

    She asked me to send it and as soon as she would arrive at the airport, it would be returned to me unspent or untouched, since it was only for show dating sites with no fees computer the customs. She was to then leave Moscow 5: Total flight time 22 hours 43 minutes. She gave me the flight numbers and times. She did her home work good. I checked the internet flight schedules, there was a Flight British Airways leaving Moscow at 5: Then there was the last email I received Wednesday evening, long after her departure time, saying she was detained at customs, because she set of the metal detector, because of a ring she bought for me, her future husband.

    So they kept her there for interrogation about smuggling jewelry.

    Unblock All Sites without Any Software

    That was it, I never got a reply, no more emails, no phone calls. She had called me at least 4 times before. I know I must sound like a real jerk, and stupid person to anyone reading this, but believe me, if you read the right words in letters, listen to her voice on the phone, she was so very convincing. I think I will never trust another foreign woman, unless dating sites with no fees computer is already here in the US. Just in case anyone out there doubts it can happen to them, just look at the attached photos, and do yourself a favor, do not answer any letters from a woman calling herself Tatyana Chernih.

    My name is Daniel. Recently I was cyber dating a russian girl from Samara named Anna Teplova. After 6 months of chatting online, and telephone calls I decided it was time that we meet in person so I invited her over. She claimed that she could not afford to travel, and asked for me to pay. I went to the airport on the day she was to arrive here, and waited.

    She never got off the plane. I went home, and checked online with both the US embassy in Moscow, and the airline for which she was suppose to be on. Neither had any knowledge of her ever having come, and purchased anything. That's when I came to Loveme. I just wanted to thank your site.

    I had been getting e-mails from a Russian woman.

    Free Dating Site

    I knew this smelled from hell to high heaven, but was waiting for a break on Google. She had e-mailed me about a possible visit, and that she would contact the Irkutsk Visa Agency. When I typed that into Google. I found your sample scam, her last e-mail to me word for word and the next 4 letters I would be getting from her. I don't feel cheated, as they were not getting any money out of me, plus the pics of the girl were pretty hot.

    But if you guys want me to forward any of this Including the pics to you. I would be more then happy to. I see that you have a ligitimate service, and this crap does not help. So if you want the e-mails and pics. Drop me a line and let me know. First I need to thank you for having this web-site available!

    SexPlayCam Webcam Sex Dating and Personals

    I had been trying to get info. ConsulateState Dept. Customs trying to get confirmation on weather or not financial stability was required or not. Somewhere along the way ; I came across your siteand got all the answers I was looking for.

    Free Dating Site

    Now ; "What I got Myself Into"! Tatiana contacted meand was making a dream come true ; 17 years old I heard a Russian woman speaking in her native languageand I was "Smitten"! I loved the sounds coming out of her beautiful mouth ; and it was then I told myselfthat when I settle downand look for love ; I would look for such a woman.
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    Free Dating Site

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    Free Dating Site

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