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    Main Psychopathy Reference List

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    Main Psychopathy Reference List

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    best dating sites for single parents - Reviews

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    best dating sites for single parents - Reviews

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    History[ edit ] All the elements and isotopes we encounter on Earth, with the exceptions of hydrogen, deuterium, helium, helium-3, and perhaps trace amounts of stable lithium and beryllium isotopes which were created in the Big Bangwere created by the s-process or the r-process in stars, and for those to be today a part of the Earth, must have been created not later than 4. All the elements created more than 4. At the time when they were created, those that were unstable began decaying immediately.

    There are only two other methods to create isotopes: Unstable isotopes decay to their daughter products which may sometimes be even more unstable at a given rate; eventually, often after a series of decays, a stable isotope is reached: Stable isotopes have ratios of neutrons to protons in their nucleus which are typical about 1 for light elements e. The elements heavier than that have to shed weight to achieve stability, most usually as alpha decay.

    There are many relatively short beta decay chains, at least two a heavy, beta decay and a light, positron decay for every discrete weight up to around and some beyond, but for the higher weight elements isotopes heavier than lead there are only four pathways which encompass all decay chains.

    This is because there are just two main decay methods: There are other decay modes, but they invariably occur at a lower probability than alpha or beta decay. It should not be supposed that these chains have no branches: Three of those chains have a long-lived isotope or nuclide near the top; this long-lived isotope is a bottleneck in the process through which the chain flows very slowly, and keeps the chain below them "alive" with flow.

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    The fourth chain has no such long lasting bottleneck isotope, so almost all of the isotopes in that chain have long since decayed down to very near the stability at the bottom. Near the end of that chain is bismuth, which was long thought to be stable.

    Recently, however, bismuth was found to be unstable with a half-life of 19 billion billion years; it is the last step before stable thallium In the distant past, around the time that the solar system formed, there were more kinds of unstable high-weight isotopes available, and the four chains were longer with isotopes that have since decayed away. Today we have manufactured extinct isotopes, which again take their former places: In particular, we have through the large-scale production of neptunium successfully resurrected the hitherto extinct fourth chain.

    The four most common modes of radioactive decay are: Of these decay processes, only alpha decay changes the atomic mass number A of the nucleus, and always decreases it by four. - Dating Site in Doha. Meet singles in Doha, Qatar

    Because of this, almost any decay will result in a free single parent dating site 051 whose atomic mass number has the same residue mod 4, dividing all nuclides into four chains. The members of any possible decay chain must be drawn entirely from one of these classes. All four chains also produce helium-4 alpha particles are helium-4 nuclei. Three main decay chains or families are observed in nature, free single parent dating site 051 called the thorium series, the radium or uranium series, and the actinium series, representing three of these four classes, and ending in three different, stable isotopes of lead.

    The long-lived starting isotopes of these three isotopes, respectively thoriumuraniumand uraniumhave existed since the formation of the earth, ignoring the artificial isotopes and their decays since the s. Due to the relatively short half-life of its starting isotope neptunium 2. The ending isotope of this chain is now known to be thallium There are also non-transuranic decay chains of unstable isotopes of light elements, for example those of magnesium and chlorine On Earth, most of the starting isotopes of these chains before were generated by cosmic radiation.

    Sincethe testing and use of nuclear weapons has also released numerous radioactive fission products. These later daughter products, being closer to stability, generally have longer half-lives until they finally decay into stability.

    Actinide alpha decay chains[ edit ] Actinides and fission products by half-life.
    She moves to Heatherfield after leaving her hometown of Fallen Hills. Her powers include bringing electrical appliances to life, granting them distinct personalities and the ability to speak.

    Talking with and understanding animals is also one of her capabilities. In issue 80 emotionsWill's half-brother William free single parent dating site 051 born. Later on, William found that he is magical like Will as well. Contents Background Personality Will is a tomboy, but is also sensitive toward other people's feelings.

    She is known to have a fiery and unstable temper, just like her mom, but she has the personality of a great leader. Will has issues with trusting people because she is scared of being let down or rejected like with her old friends in Fadden Hills. Her favorite subject is science, especially biology.

    Her hobby is swimming, and she's in Sheffield Institute's competitive team. She loves animals in general, but she is especially crazy about frogs. She collects anything that's frog related, except the amphibian itself. She's allergic to nettles. Will has a crush on Matt Olsen, which leads her to work at his grandfather's pet shop for a while, and, who later in the series becomes her boyfriend.

    He also encouraged her to adopt a pet dormouse that had been hurt by Uriah. Will's full name shifts between "Wilhelmina" and "Wilma". Her birthday is given as January 19th in the comics but is changed to the fall possibly somewhere in November in the animated series.

    In the comics, her star sign is Capricorn. She is the leader of W. Will has the power of Absolute Energy, also known as Quintessence the power of life force manipulationand can be seen in the form of lightning bolts. Her theme color is hot pink and her symbol is a pink, curved equal sign. Appearance Will is 14 years old and has red, short hair. Her eyes are brown and big, and she's quite slim. Will is kind of a tomboy.

    She usually goes dressed in practical clothes, like wide, saggy pants and hoodies. Will's guardian outfit consists of a purple crop top with long, bell-shaped sleeves, a blue mini skirt, turquoise and green tights, and purple boots flats just below her knees.

    AP Fine Foods Limited - Chefs Choice - Stand CC14

    In the New Power Arc, her skirt changes into a pair of tight shorts, which connect with her top and form swirls on her thigh area. Her sleeves move from her wrists to her mid-arm and she has long, black fingerless gloves.

    Her hair stays in a bob, but two strands of her hair have grown longer in the front. Her symbol is displayed across her chest on her top. Comics Before she became Guardian, Will was a normal girl who was born on January 19, thus bearing the Capricorn sign, and was raised in the small town of Fadden Hills.

    When she was still young, her father left her and her mother. When she reached junior high school, she found out that she was able to read people's minds. The more she read her friends' minds, the more she realized the fact that they didn't enjoy her company.

    Will returned home crushed by this rejection. Her mother suggested that perhaps Fadden Hills held too many painful memories of the past for both of them and it was time to find a new life in a new city. At that moment, an announcement on the radio advertised the sunny town of Heatherfield.

    Her mother decided that Heatherfield would probably be the best place for them to move to. Animated Series Likewise, before she was made a Guardian, Will was a normal girl with divorced parents who lived in Fadden Hills with her mother. Unlike in the comic, however, her mother's job moved them to Heatherfield and her father did not leave them but simply divorced her mother.

    He is shown to visit Will, indicateing that unlike his comic counterpart, he cares for Will, but he and his ex-wife can not stand each other. Her birthday in the animated series is somewhere in the fall. Little else is known about Will's life before W. After Will was kidnapped and her new friends rescued her, she realized that they were her real friends and that they wouldn't let her down Forming W. Comics On her first day at her new school in Heatherfield, Will bumped into Taranee Cook, a girl who had also just moved to Heatherfield a few days before.

    Taranee is now Will's best friend in the series. As luck would have it, that night was the school's Halloween dance and the four girls urged Will and Taranee to come with them.

    They agreed, Will a bit reluctantly. That night at the dance, a dangerous prank by Uriah and his less-than-intelligent gang, involving firecrackers put the girls and everyone at the party in harm's way, but with Taranee's quick thinking and a brief use of her powersthey managed to escape without a scratch.

    The next day, the girls gathered at Hay Lin's house to recall the strange dream three of them had. It was there that Yan Lin, Hay Lin's grandmother, told them the legend of the Guardians of Kandrakar, the group of five warriors that the girls were supposed to become, and entrusted Will with the Heart of Kandrakar. The girls were naturally in disbelief of these so-called powers and decided to go on with their lives. It wasn't until later that night when two shadowy figures ambushed Will, Irma, and Hay Lin that their powers reached their peak and they were able to transform into their Guardian forms to fight the evil duo off.

    From that moment on, the group known as W.

    Table of Contents

    Animated Series Just a few days after Will's first day at school, Yan Lin Hay Lin's paternal grandmother felt the Heart of Kandrakar, which she kept locked up in a Chinese box inside her closet, struggling to be set free. Following orders from the Oracle, Yan Lin used her weak mind-influencing powers to make Hay Lin invite her three best friends, Taranee, Cornelia and Irma and the new girl Will for tea and cookies after school.

    While eating, Yan Lin explains about the Veil, Meridian, the Heart of Kandrakar, and the elemental powers and abilities of water, fire,earth, and air, each free single parent dating site 051 was given, although nothing is mentioned about Kandrakar. She then entrusts the Heart of Kandrakar to Will. The other girls' newfound connection to Will draws them close and makes them fast friends with her. Powers and Abilities Will is the keeper of the talisman known as the Heart of Kandrakar and she possesses the power of Quintessenceor Absolute Energy known as Chi in China and Japan.

    She is the strongest out of the five Guardians and one of the most powerful characters in the series. Comic books In the comic books, Will could wield the power of Absolute Energy ever since she became a Guardian of the Veil. This power and ability manifested itself in hot-pink energy blasts, which Will later learned to use as a barrier or shield. In addition, her powers allowed her to talk to inanimate objects and electrical appliances and even give them names.

    That's how she discovered all of them have a personality of their own. Will also possesses other Guardian powers such as glamouring, teleporting, sensing magical phenomena, and empathy toward animals. Will also is the first one to learn how to make herself invisible and has special abilities due to her status as Keeper of the Heart of Kandrakar that her four fellow Guardians do not possess.

    For instance, she can contact the Heart's past Keepers and transform the girls between their Guardian and human forms. During the time of the Veil, Will could open portals. When she is in a desperate situation, Will can sometimes allow the Heart to improvise and help her out. Will's empathy toward animals works this way: Animals can also read Will's mind, as seen in one issue.

    With the Heart of Kandrakar, Will can also create astral drops that are exact physical copies of the girls; but they have a catch: At the beginning of the New Power Arc, Matt, on the orders of the Oracle, steals all of Will's original powers and abilities, as well as the Heart of Kandrakar.


    This is so that she, and the other Guardians, would be able to receive the immense power and ability of the five elements in their purest form, giving them the strength to defeat the Dark Mother. The Heart of Kandrakar reappeared at the end of this story arc, and was presented to Yan Lin when she became the new Oracle of Kandrakar. Animated series In season one, Will is shown not having any power other than flight, opening portals, and the ability to unite and transform herself and her fellow Guardians.

    Main Psychopathy Reference List

    It is unknown as to why she has no elemental ability, although it can be debated that she either had not known that she had any power note that Yan Lin had not specified that Will had the power of Quintessence or Energy: How ever, she can improvise by summoning flashes of pink light from the Heart of Kandrakar, as shown in the episodes [4] and [5]. In season two, Will is granted the power of Quintessence.

    Quintessence manifests itself in whitish blue lightning, which she can use to animate inanimate objects, fire offensive lightning bolts and produce a full body pulse, shockwave or discharge of electrical power and energy.

    In addition, her powers grant her the ability to talk to electrical appliances. It also possible for Will to literally become one with her elemental ability also becoming one with the nymph Xin Jing, the original possessor of Quintessencebecoming a whitish blue lightning-like being of pure electrical energy, greatly increasing and strengthening all of her powers and abilities to their absolute zenith.

    However this is risky and dangerous as it costs Will her humanity both her human form, heritage and memory which she managed to literally find with Matt's help. This occurred for the first time in the season two finale [6] as a last resort when the Guardians found no other way to defeat the enhanced Lord Cedric.

    As the Free single parent dating site 051 of the Heart of Kandrakar also spelled Candracarthe physical embodiment of Kandrakar, a. Will can use the power of the Heart to close and,as the series progresses, open project in the Veil, release a blinding pink light from the Heart, project a force field of pink energy, create numerous fake copies that would disappear in a flash of light, reveal the true form of another, locate other Guardians using their Aurameres and show images of places and people.

    The Heart of Kandrakar, has a telempathic connection with Will able to instinctively respond and act on its own will when the Guardians are in danger and can absorb, activate, and merge with other magical items.

    When the Veil was taken down, Will soon learned how to open folds in space and time to traverse different dimensions.

    Dating Sites for Single Moms - Free & Simple

    Unlike the comics Will does not keep the heart within her but in her backpack or, around her neck. Will has displayed the power of superhuman strength and toughness on several scales, able to use a tree like a baseball bat, catch a falling catapult like it was a football, and has a sensitivity to magic and supernatural writing and phenomena. She has empathic abilities with animals as they seem to reflect her mood and has an natural affinity for tele-transportation, being the first to wield this universal Guardian ability.

    She is even strong enough to break through steel or rock with but a single punch and is semi-invulnerable. Free single parent dating site 051 took down several of Takeda's robots on her own in a matter of seconds.

    The following is a list of Will's powers, abilities, and other talents she possesses: Wield Absolute Energy With the Heart Various psychokinetic abilities Project a force-field of pink energy Fire destructive blasts of pink energy from her hands Release a blinding pink light from the Heart Produce a full body pulse, shockwave, or discharge of electrical power and energy.

    Infuse her limbs with energy to strengthen her physical attacks Channel the magic of the Aurameres into the Heart and enter the Guardians Create and shoot whitish blue lightning bolts Quintessence Bring electrical appliances and inanimate objects to life through the vocal summoning of Quintessence, which can also be seen as Telekinesis, considering she can move objects with her mind through Quintessence. Summon lightning storms Open and close portals in the Veil Track down the other Guardians via the Aurameres Superhuman strength.

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