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    I had no idea history was so GAY!

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    Or did I just misread it?

    Rise of Casual Dating in Canada

    However, maybe it just means a small West European component with a large Levant component, with the weighted average falling over the Mediterranean by chance?

    You know what would be awesome though? Doing the same with Muslims. Not just the Sayyeds, everyone. Sons of the desert arise! Sephardites, Moroccan Jews dating sites like okcupid korea essentially as intermediate as Cypriots or Turks are themselves and actually cluster extremely well with Cypriots specially followed by Turks, Armenians… Refs. Bauchet Ashkenazim cluster with Greeks and Armenians vs. However when I tried to compare Western Jews with various West Asians Turks, Cypriots and four Levant peoples I found that both Ashkenazim and Moroccan Jews quickly converged to their own distinct clusters what I attributed to inbreeding or maybe very intense founder effect in the Middle Ages, something like Northern and Western Roma maybe who descend of some one thousand foundersso I could not work with them and had to limit myself to work with Sephardites, who are less homogeneous but again show a Cypriot and to lesser extent Turkish genetic signature.

    Also, why Assyrians rather than Palestinians or Lebanese? I think uniparentals help clarify things a lot in this case. Remember also that miscegenation was rare because of religious law on both sides. Conversion to Judaism was considered apostasy in both Christian and Muslim law, the child of an un-converted non-Jewish mother would not have been considered Jewish, regardless of paternity.

    Of course, this depends on what part of Europe you are talking about.

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    But very unlikely light enough to account for the proportion of light hair and eyes among Ashkenazim. His profoundly un-Jewish features are the subject of a great self-referential scene in Exodus, actually. Rather than just the degree of inbreeding? I will admit I laugh when I hear this.

    Seems like Jewish means not so good looking or just shy of good looking. LOL Seriously, I wanted to know how the millions of eastern Europeans and Russian Jews could have descended from the the relatively small number of Sephardi migrating across western Europe.

    Where did all these people migrate from? Is there any evidence of a large pool of people in Central Asia or Caucasus? Karl Zimmerman Although the thread might have moved on… There are comparably large sub-populations in the Levant which presumably had little recent SSA admixture.

    They might have gotten some admixture, particularly in the Mount Lebanon region, from crusaders, but if anything this should have lightened them compared to the Roman-era population, not darkened them.


    A bit of an aside, but has anyone looked at admixture in the Copts versus Muslim Egyptians? The great diaspora following the unsuccessful second Jewish rebellion in was when a large part of the Palestinian Jewish population dispersed out of Judea.

    I imagine there was at least some admixture going on in those colonies, which would confuse the genetic picture before medieval times. TD Ashkenazi Jews are genetically diverse ofcourse. Its expected that through acquiring a minority of Berber admixture through proselytism in North Africa that they would be more genetically diverse than Northern Europeans and majority of Southern Europeans, in the same way Sicilians are.


    Their East-African affinity too is likely a byproduct of their genetic continuity since being formed by god-fearers in the Levant and Egypt particularly, prior to their expulsion. A population can still be genetically diverse and relatively more recently inbred.

    What Korean Girls Think of Dating Foreign Men? 한국여자는 외국남자와 사귈까?

    The post 13th century explosion of Ashkenazi Jewish population numbers, exceeding Sephardim and Mizrahim rapidly and the fact that they demonstrage great IBD sharing with non-Mizrahi Jews certainly suggests inbreeding of a selective sort. Going off oracle results produced by an amaeture anthropologist, this cannot be more than ten percent, if you were to assume the Ashkenazim are an off-shoot of the Italian Jews similar genetic profile to Eastern Sephardim namely from Atzmon study, who we know they share great IBD with.

    The data output was great, though I disagreed with a few of your conclusions and discussion of those findings. If dating sites like okcupid korea limit yourself to using just Anatolian and Levantine samples, this biases your findings by not exploring their source of Mediterranean ancestry, better captured with the inclusion of North Africans and Southern Europeans. The greater genetic diversity of these Levantine populations, which demonstrated the same stubborness as the MAJ and AJ in your analysis also inherently flawed the experiment, since this cannot be factored out using either admixture or structure.

    Its all relative, you can say they are an East-Mediterranean population something I can agree with due to their similarity with Cypriots, though if you perform continental and not regional admixture analyses, you will find Cypriots are more similar to the Druze than say Turks or Armenians. The hypothesis for a profoundly Anatolian origin of the Jews is unlikely, as they deviate from Europeans more towards populations like the Druze, Iraqi Jews, some Syrians and Lebanese.

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