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  • When You See A Fellow Metalhead In Public

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    Best “Emo” Dating Sites (#7-8)

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    16 Best Alternative Dating Sites (Emo, Goth, Punk, Metal & Rock)

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    16 Best Alternative Dating Sites (Emo, Goth, Punk, Metal & Rock)

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    Meet Metalheads

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    16 Best Alternative Dating Sites (Emo, Goth, Punk, Metal & Rock)

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    Metal Heads

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    16 Best Alternative Dating Sites (Emo, Goth, Punk, Metal & Rock)

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    Edit A stingerone of the smallest metal heads. Metal heads have a diverse physiology with many different classifications. One singular distinguishing trait of a metal head is the bearing of a skull gem in either the crown, heart, or back of its body. Some common but non-explicit characteristics of a metal head would be two and up to four glowing yellow eyes, and a dark blue, dark red, or brown-gray skin complexion.

    Most, especially arthropod metal heads, have a small, round, insectoid head made with a metallic alloy, usually with mandibles or some other type of appendages present. A metal-pedeone of the largest metal heads. Metal heads seem to lack in sapient intelligence, not having the ability to speak any form of dialect other than basic vocal inflections such as grunting, shrieking, and growling, which probably more reflects emotion instead of used as a verbal dialect.

    When You See A Fellow Metalhead In Public

    Despite this, at least four metal head species have been known to understand the human language. Additionally, Metal Kor and Metal Kaedenthe leader of the Metal Heads and Metal Bugs respectively, have shown the ability to speak the human language rather fluently, although they were also known to shape-shift into a human, suggesting some type of a much higher level but unexplained intelligence.

    Society Edit Little is known about or able to be researched on Metal Head social structure. They do not seem to differentiate one member of their species from another, nor do they attack each other, and appear to be hardly territorial or hostile towards other members of their race.

    There has only been three known leaders of the Metal Heads, Metal Kor being the most prominent, with Metal Kaeden second in command. Additionally, a "dark leader" was mentioned by an oraclethough it is unknown if it was referring to Metal Kor or another former leader.

    There was also a particular metal head beast which carried the role of "commander", [6] though it is likely that this was assigned by Cyber Errol, and not decided upon by the Metal Head society.

    Habitat Edit The Metal Head nest Metal heads appear to be capable of adapting to any environment, be it the hazardous wasteland, underground caverns, inside volcanoes, or modern cities.

    Female Metalhead Problems

    However, metal heads have been known to transform an area if concentrating there long enough and in substantial number. The Metal Head nestduring Jak II, possibly the most Metal Head-oriented area in the series, was encrusted combat metal head dating sites solid, dark green, alien-like terrain with flora consisting of similarly colored vines, roots and other networks intertwined together on almost every surface, often ending with green or purple colored pods, possibly acting as either a power source or incubation for eggs.

    Many areas were also littered with odd plants and trees with acidic warts and other hazardous elements. Metal Head city Metal Head cityduring Jak 3, which was originally a Gardens and Bazaar sector in Haven City, became a hazardous area with terrain and flora similar to the Metal Head nest with large organic barriers and walls. The ground was segmented with tubular devices emitting a neon green gas with large pods, dark eco colored vines and roots, with various pits and eggs growing near every corner.

    Between these segmented sidewalks were rivers of acidic sludge which would result in death if one were to fall into it. The Metal Head tower grew at the end of one of these sludge-filled rivers, combat metal head dating sites was very similar to the Metal Head nest seen in Jak II, but had a more dead, petrified, rocky appearance, opposed to organic, possibly attributed to the recent infestation of the Dark Makers. The Metal Head cavewhich was home to wasteland metal heads, varied vastly against the more organic metal heads seen near Haven City.

    Their habitat comprised mainly of rocky and sandy terrain, similar to the desert, though did have some dark eco and mud pits. On the ceiling of the cave were tubular networks with large dark eco colored roots similar to that of the Metal Head nest and Metal Head city, sometimes trailing down to egg pods and incubation tanks. When active, these tubes would release a green colored gas, the same gas seen in Metal Head city, which proved highly toxic for those who attempted to breathe it.

    Military Edit Metal Heads have a diverse military: Their true military strength lies within their variety and numbers, as they have often been known to appear almost out of nowhere in incredible number, swarming their opposition. The most commonly deployed metal head soldiers include gruntsmanic headsstingersand juice goonswith others possibly advanced in the military hierarchy deployed in newly acquired areas or fresh attacks such as cloakersginsusling blastersrapid gunnerscenturionsetc.

    However, some metal heads had no combative strength whatsoever such as scouts. Metal head egg Metal head egg stalks Metal heads are born from eggs. These egg "pods" come in various forms, possibly depending on the type of metal head, the growth stage in which it is in, and the location where it is incubating. Some of the more common eggs are in the forms of trunks ending in a metallic gray pod with a green center.

    Sometimes, these metal pods are without a stalk, and grow in patches on walls. Other types of eggs include glass-like, oval-shaped eggs; translucent tank-shaped eggs usually connecting to a larger tubular device, possibly acting as somewhat of a root, and large green or purple colored tanks.

    Technology Edit Metal heads are biomechanical, which means they are both mechanical and organic. Their technological use is combat metal head dating sites geared towards weaponry, which often appears to be part of that metal head's physicality.

    Most with weapons have some form of dark eco blastertaser, laser beam, or mortar launcher see "Species" section below for types of metal heads which carry weapons. Technologically, aside from weaponry, very few metal heads have been known to use devices. The centurion uses a shield, and the cloaker and spyder gunner use some form of cloaking device, while the wasp utilizes some sort of propulsion engine with jets to fly.

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    How To Make Metalhead Friends

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    When You See A Fellow Metalhead In Public

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