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  • 35: Set Data Order From MySQL Database
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  • #23 Tutorial PHP [ROMANA] - Cum sa creezi o baza de date MySQL pentru PHP

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    PHP/MySQL Tutorial Part 1

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    35: Set Data Order From MySQL Database

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    Table of Contents

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    Who Should Read this Series?

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    PHP/MySQL Tutorial Part 1

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    Part 8 - Finishing The Script Introduction For many people, the main reson for learning a scripting language like PHP is because of the interaction with databases it can offer.

    Before you read this tutorial you should have at least a basic knowledge of how to use PHP.


    It is actually surprising how useful a database can be when used with a website. There are a huge variety of things you can do when you interact the two, from displaying simple lists to running a complete website from a database. On this site, where each banner is, a PHP script is called.

    PHP/MySQL Tutorial Part 1

    This opens a database and picks a random banner from it to show the visitor. It also counts the number of times the banner has been viewed and could, with a few changes, track clicks too. To add, change or edit the banners all I have to do is change the database and the script will pick the correct banners for all the pages on the site.

    These are much more efficent than other systems that create a page for each message and offer a wide variety of options. All the pages in the forum can be updated by changing one script.

    One quite obvious example is sites which get all there information from a database. For example Script Avenue is run by a few scripts, which gain all their information from a large database. All the different script categories can be accessed in one script by just changing the URL to access a different part of the database. If you have a large website and you want to change the design it can take a very long time to update and upload all the pages.

    These would access a MySQL database to get the information for the pages.

    #23 Tutorial PHP [ROMANA] - Cum sa creezi o baza de date MySQL pentru PHP

    To update the website's design you would just have to change one page. What Do I Need? Firstly, you will, of course, need a webserver. This can either be on a php mysql dating site tutorial of your own or on a web host. PHP also needs to be installed on the server. If it is not already installed you can install it or ask your web host to install it. It can be downloaded from PHP. If you are not sure if you have PHP installed I will show you a way to check it later.

    Finally, you will also require MySQL. This is the actual database software. You can also use most other types of database SQL, Oracle etc. Open a text editor and type in the following:

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