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  • Tinder and Luxy: For Tramps and Gold Diggers?
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    8 Signs You Are Dating A Gold Digger Mystic Compatibility

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    Tinder and Luxy: For Tramps and Gold Diggers?

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    More on that below. Gonna get some weird site visitors for this one. A bootlegger carries around a violin case full of booze. Gold Diggers of Just what I want! I was in the process of moving to Denver for a variety of reasons.

    My friend, Will, already lived there, and gave me and my girlfriend of the time free run of his apartment.

    Signs of a gold digger! Spot them easily!

    After we spent the morning walking around Aurora yay, Best Buys and strip clubswe crashed and flipped on the TV. But back to that sunny Denver afternoon. Me and the girl sat stunned after the feature ended, if a bit shaken. How often on a sunny afternoon are you shaken out of your middle class complacency and thrown full heed into history? While there are other films that more bleak or sexy or funny, Gold Diggers is the perfect blend of all of these elements.

    Taking the disparate urges of the era, from the poverty and starvation to the liberated sexual attitudes and sophisticated sense of humor, it manages to balance them to great success. And gams to spare. It floats between fantasy and reality, but never finds a solid line between both— even on stage, the Depression creeps in, while, after a big theatrical success, high society glitz intersects with the real world.

    Of course, out of context, that throws people off— hell, it threw me off the first time. In context, though, the number itself is devastating. This will figure heavily into the first act of the picture. The second verse of the song does something interesting in that it switches up the lyrics with a reprise in Pig Latin. The first is to take the lyrics and contort them beyond recognition— taking the ode to capitalist wealth and a yearn for decent dignity through materialist riches and making it into childish gibberish, perhaps acknowledging how little that possibly does matter.

    It becomes omnipresent, briefly taking the audience into a completely different type of surreality. The musical number ends not with a finale, but with a crash as the sheriff department raids the show. That leads to another theme of the movie, that audiences could certainly latch on to at the time: Carol is direct and passionate.

    Polly is romantic but reserved. And Trixie is that special kind of woman who is wry and devious in a dangerous mix. Carol is sent in the duds to go see if Barney is on the level, and she calls back to the girls.

    Initially, the audience will leap to thinking that the rumor was just that. She brings Barney home, where he announces he has the theater set and, with the girls, has the cast, too.

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    Now all he needs is the money. And the show within the movie kicks off with one of the craziest, sexiest things you may ever catch on the silver screen. We just love it.

    The number begins with Brad and Polly on the stage. The two tap out their brief seduction, with Powell the over-the-top seducer and Keeler mixing gee-whiz shock with a few sly smiles.

    8 Signs You Are Dating A Gold Digger Mystic Compatibility

    They croon with full playful enthusiasm: First you pet a little, Let up a little, and they you get a little kiss. Luckily, the kid ducks and— since this is a comedy— they skate right over him. Things have been reconfigured in this new season to an elaborate deco park.

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    The couples are no longer cute and varied, but a number of identically dressed men in women— the men in dapper suits and straw hats, the women in see-through dresses and straight black stockings. A rain storm breaks out, sending everyone scurrying. The women hide behind a thin sheet and undress, leaving not a whole lot to the imagination— but just enough to count. The Billy Barty baby emerges again, now the id of the audience. Wiggling his little eyebrows, he pulls up the valance… just slowly enough… to reveal the women have changed into outfits of pure tin.

    Jefferey Spivak, in his book Buzz: The Life and Art of Busby Berkeleysuccinctly explains the wonderful balancing act this number pulls off: Adults possessed more worldliness in the Depression years than is routinely attributed to them. They often sought relief from their Depression doldrums not with pure entertainment, but with diversions that were impure and brazen.

    Buzz, Jack Warner, and the audiences of were partners in this little act of complicity that allowed the overtly blue nature of the number to remain in the picture unexpurgated.

    Tinder and Luxy: For Tramps and Gold Diggers?

    Which, hey, pretty much describes the appeal of this entire era of Hollywood. As well as this old dog. The two show up to warn Brad to break things up with Polly, but he refuses. Kibbee, playing a couple of IQ points above his usual buffoon though still as gullible as everwarns: There I learned the bitter truth that all women of the theater were chiselers.

    Or, as we call them, gold diggers.

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    Lawerence and Peabody mistakenly think Carol is Polly, and offer to buy her off. Incensed, Trixie and Carol decide to have their fun instead and take the two saps for a ride. This is a bit hypnotic, I must admit.

    Berkeley even kicks it up a notch, having the women form a giant violin with a large neon bow cutting across to heighten things. All three of the couples are happy and either married or soon to be. We get this one easy, because the next pill the audience is asked to swallow is going down hard no matter what. Blondell was the right choice for the number, even with her lack of singing talent. It is said that Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo because he forgot his infantry—he staked too much upon the more spectacular but less substantial cavalry.

    The present administration in Washington provides a close parallel. It has either forgotten or it does not want to remember the infantry of our economic army. These unhappy times call for the building of plans that rest upon the forgotten, the unorganized but the indispensable units of economic power, for plans like those of that build from the bottom up and not from the top down, that put their faith once more in the forgotten man at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

    The movie also points out how America has always criminalized the poor. They demanded a payout of bonuses that were promised them for their service in World War I, and, when rebuffed by Hoover, setup a massive camp on the outskirts of the city.

    The military action resulted in over 1, being injured and two being killed. The handling of the Bonus Army was a major P. These included films like Heroes for Sale dating site gold diggers 1933 premiere, Wild Boys of the RoadMayor of Hell and Massacreall of which view emotionless state authority with a jaundiced eye.

    Warners usually kept their musicals and social commentaries separate. Who wanted to be brought down to earth in a genre that reeked of glamour? Remember my forgotten man. You put a rifle in his hand.

    10 Most Unbelievable Gold Diggers

    You sent him far away, You shouted: Her song is soon met with the deep accompaniment from Etta Moten as the scene fades from the dark street to the memories of the soldiers of the First World War. They start marching under patriotic banners, return injured and alone and are soon seen in the breadline. The number climaxes with an enormous dating site gold diggers 1933 premiere of soldiers looming over the mass of homeless men and their desperate women.

    Blondell dubbed in the finale by nightclub singer Jean Cowan wails on, aiming for the gut as the film draws to a close: The crap mobility for women at the time meant that they were reliant on the men on their lives. The song shows firsthand the problems of not just what their husbands, brothers dating site gold diggers 1933 premiere fathers were experiencing, but what it was like being completely helpless in the face of it.

    The rules on pride were upended to a cataclysmic effect, destroying households and families. The song is a plea for dignity to, at the time, an audience who not only knew what the song was saying but felt it in their bones. All of the actors and actresses are at the top of their game, while LeRoy and Berkeley have the perfect meshing of temperaments.

    Rogers gives it her all in this one, even with a thankless role. Gold Diggers of is one of those movies that affected my life in ways I can scarcely even understand myself. The internet turned the channel into a community, and the rest is history.

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