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    [2015-11-04] Matthew Mercer and Marisha Ray periscope

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    Critical Role’s Matthew Mercer The Man, The Myth, The Dungeon Master Geek and Sundry

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    The Lost Empire, Numbah 5 from Codename: Kids Next Door, and so much more. She has definitely set the standard for being one of the most accomplished African-American actors, and for good reason. She is lively, passionate, and carefree that it makes her a beautiful human being. The characters she has portrayed are engaging, whether they are major characters or not, but her performances help give them their lively personalities and charm.

    She also happens to be childhood friends with fellow voice actress Tara Strong, so it is no wonder that you may end up seeing these two doing voice acting in some animated shows. He does want you and your beautiful soul to appreciate him after all. So far, he has not been in the spotlight as he has been in the last few years, but his time on Disney certainly gave him the recognition that brought him to the spotlight.

    Here is to many more years of his amazing talent gracing our eyes and ears. While she is mostly known as an actress in film and television, such as the iconic That 70s Show, she has her fair share of voice acting, and it is just as good as anything she does! She is definitely a gorgeous woman with talent added to her name, and despite being a recent mother, she still manages to keep doing what she loves.

    Even though she does not have a lot of roles in the voice acting industry, she is still very gifted in voice acting and it would be very interesting to see her do more roles in the future. This Filipino-American has been known for dancing, acting, and of course, voice acting. Where he shines the most is his part of the voice acting business.

    Not only was it a fun ride seeing Dante actually play his character, but it was like a love letter too. He also has never seen the awful live-action adaptation of Avatarso he has been spared! Tara Strong has a strong background when it comes to voice acting.

    About Tsunderin

    Chances are, when you turn on the TV and a cartoon around twenty years ago and onward, you would probably hear her voice coming out of a cartoon character. If you name an animated show, then it is also a high likely chance she has voiced a character in it! Other than her talented voice work, she is also an incredibly sweet and funny woman. And of course, she is also very beautiful.

    Critical Role’s Matthew Mercer The Man, The Myth, The Dungeon Master Geek and Sundry

    Strong is incredibly passionate and is definitely an important staple in voice acting history. Here is to many more years of her amazing work in the voice acting industry!

    Overall, he seems like a very creative but also busy guy, even though he definitely puts in so much effort and passion into his works. Her voice is sultry and beautiful to listen to, it is like a mother comforting her child. That may be a strange way to describe her voice, but it is marisha ray matthew mercer dating sites to listen to. She is really stunning and seems to be a kind-hearted woman who loves doing her job.

    If you want to know a love story similar to her character Julia, she is currently dating Steven Blum, who voices Spike. Talk about an anime power couple! Marisha ray matthew mercer dating sites actor certainly made a name for himself when he was the star in How I Met Your Mother, as well as comedian, singer, and magician. He definitely has some talent up his sleeve! The New Frontier and Nightwing from Batman: Under the Red Hood.

    He may mostly be known for his live-action appearances rather than voice acting, but there are still more to come in the future. While she maybe well-known entirely in the video game community, she has no shortage of voice acting in cartoons.

    She even has voiced two Disney Princesses, none other than Cinderella and Aurora! What is also great about her voice acting is her incredible range. She has voiced hundreds of characters and it is amazing with how marisha ray matthew mercer dating sites she has been credited for. You name it, like Sam and Mandy from Totally Spies!

    It is also interesting that despite her incredible talent, she was not allowed to watch cartoons as a kid. Well, it is a good thing that she is doing amazing work now. Its modern incarnation shows that Seth is clearly wanting the show to rest and move on to other projects. And if it were not obvious from Family Guy and American Dad! It was also an amazing opportunity seeing the late Frank Sinatra Jr. There would not be a Bart Simpson without her iconic voice she gave him.

    In fact, she originally auditioned for Lisa Simpson but decided to go for Bart because of how interesting he was. She definitely made the right call, since because of her iconic voice, she was able to bring the eldest child of the Simpson family to life.

    Marisha's Shiraz on Critical Role [No spoilers]

    Other than voice acting, she also did some on-screen acting, such as Twilight Zone: While she may be sixty, she still has class and a sense of elegance to what she does, even if she is widely known to voice young boys in cartoons. Phil LaMarr has been in many forms of entertainment, such as being in the sketch comedy series Mad TV.


    If you were a kid and happened to be on Toonami, you would see a beloved cartoon titled Samurai Jack. Also, did you know he is an impressionist? You can name any African-American entertainer and he will certainly pull it off very well. Mae Whitman has an amazing portfolio of the characters she has voiced, especially Katara from Avatar: She ranges from adorable and innocent to powerful and fierce, and that is why we love her voice talent!

    She even appeared in supporting roles in movies such as Scott Pilgrim vs. She also seems really sweet and easy to get along with on the surface, but those who got the chance to work with her or even meet her probably have nothing but kind things to say about her.

    His voice range is just mind boggling with voicing other characters like Fire Lord Ozai from Avatar: You have to give credit where credit is due to the amazing talent this timeless actor has provided. When it comes to the characters he has voiced, he is far more humble and kind-hearted, especially if you compare him to Joker or Ozai.

    It is still shocking to know that he portrayed a farmer boy turned Jedi, yet voice such deliciously evil characters. Like with other people on this list, he is mostly known for acting on-screen, but when he does voice acting, he has a genuine touch to the characters he portrays.

    He is also a singer, which is a bonus! Other than his talents, he is a thoughtful and very sweet person. It is no wonder that women would love to have a date with him while men want to be him. He is an incredible gentleman who really pours his heart and soul into anything he does. The fact that he is Levi from Attack on Titan sounds like a match made in heaven, but opinions differ from person to person regarding taste in voices. He is also the creator of Critical Role, an engaging and awesome web show where fellow voice actors, like his wife Marisha Ray, play Dungeons and Dragons.

    Knowing that other voice actors that appeared on this list, such as Laura Bailey and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, brings the community together and make something incredible. Matthew Mercer is an unbelievable man, but that is why we love him!

    Marisha Ray & Matthew Mercer

    One of those voice actors includes Crispin Freeman. His voice is very attractive, but it can also be loud and boisterous. In fact, he also provides classes and workshops on how to get into the voice acting industry, and it shows how incredibly passionate he is to help newcomers get the feel of what it is like to do voice acting whether in anime, cartoons, or video games. It sounds amazing to have a well-known voice actor be a teacher as well.

    It is certainly a must if you are interested in voice acting, so do check his website out here!

    Matt Mercer & Marisha Ray chat & playing Gwent! (Part 1)

    He is definitely a gifted voice actor overall. The vocal range of the characters he portrayed is incredible. He is a man of a thousand voices after all. Blanc is also the reason why Bugs Bunny is iconic in animation period.

    Other than voice acting, he was also a loving husband and father, and when he passed away, it was a dark time. The voice acting industry would not be the same if he had not been a part of it.
    This past weekend was a crazy yet fun weekend of reveling in being a geek. Okay, I guess I should be specific and say that Saturday was a day filled with thousands of other geeks all trying to stock up on games and more in Indianapolis for Gen Con.

    Since though, it has been held in Indy and is scheduled to remain there at least through It brings together many companies and designers and such to celebrate gaming.

    There are panels and demos and such at the Indianapolis Convention Center, but there are also events going on in hotels and other buildings around the city, so that it is actually 4 complete days of gaming.

    Yes, you can find wonderful geeks playing games any time of day or night during the convention. So this year was my first experience at this particular Con, and I was lucky enough to attend with my boyfriend and one of our other geek friends.

    We woke up at 6: After a pit stop at an IHOP for breakfast, and checking in at our hotel, we drove towards the convention center, parked the car at one of the many parking garages, and headed into the Con.

    Seriously, getting around the exhibitor hall was sometimes a bit of a struggle. Marisha ray matthew mercer dating sites again, this was the big 50th year of Gen Con. And yes, I bought myself 7 new sets of dice. Did I need them? I already owned like 14 sets. But I wanted them and they looked really cool. Also, the one set is actually gemstone, turquoise to be specific.

    When we were at the Lone Wolf Development booth, which also featured displays for Syrinscape and Kobold Press, we were actually approached by one of the new guys on the crew and he marisha ray matthew mercer dating sites my boyfriend and I that if we had any ideas for a book or a campaign to get in contact with him and pitch the idea. That naturally led to he and I exchanging business cards.

    So that was pretty cool. After several hours of wandering the floor and hauling bags that got heavier as we added more and more merch, it was time for us to go to Lucas Oil Stadium for the Critical Role signing.

    So we dropped our bags off at the car, grabbed a quick drink at Starbucks, and then headed over to a football stadium to wait in line for a few hours.

    Because we had purchased tickets in advance, the three of us were able to sit in the stands, and the Gen Con staff brought us down one row at a time to go through the signing line. I know a bit about sports, but obviously I am not a huge follower of them. But I will say that it was so awesome to see the home of the Indianapolis Colts filled with geeks playing board games and talking about geeky things.

    Critical Role’s Matthew Mercer The Man, The Myth, The Dungeon Master Geek and Sundry

    And because the cast are amazing people and actually spent a minute or so talking with each of us, I was able to tell Matthew Mercer, the Dungeon Master for the show the story of my boyfriend and I getting together. But more than that, when we had our first date, I introduced him to the Mythica series of movies, and we watched all five of them on that date. This is relevant because Matthew Mercer played Szorlok, the villain in the series.

    And Matt being the amazingly big-hearted geek that he is, feels so touched when he hears stories like that. The book in question: It is a collection of popular songs that have been turned into Shakespearean sonnets.

    What was really cool about that interaction was that Sam said he would use it for inspiration. See, bards have an ability where they can inspire other characters by playing music, singing songs, reciting poems, etc.

    The cast from left to right: Needless to say it was an absolutely wonderful and geeky day, and myself, my boyfriend, and our friend are already planning to go for all 4 days of the convention in

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